Avantgarde business is driven by the creativity and ingenuity of its employees

Avantgarde is a global brand experience company which advises brands strategically. They generate innovative solutions for their clients by developing creative brand experiences with unique moments across the globe. At the core of this experience are the individuals that compose the company, and their ability to be immersed in a satisfying environment that foster creativity and collaboration.

Amazing lunches - a daily ritual to foster creativity and sociality

Avantgarde does not have an office canteen, but they have a wonderful rooftop terrace. Bella&Bona sets up wonderful lunches for the employees on the terrace - or inside the office in times of bad weather - two or three times a week. "Healthy and organic ingredients make me feel ready to take on the second half of the day" says Avantgarde's CEO, adding "Bella&Bona offers a variety of options from a reliable source that leaves both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike happy and satisfied. Other food providers offered repetitive menus".

Avantgarde supports and subsidizes lunch in the office

"Less worrying about where to go eat leaves time to talk and get to know colleagues better" continues Avantgarde's CEO. For this reason, the company wants to incentivize employees to stay in for lunch and offers a 3 Euro subsidy for each meal. Employees only pay the difference, which is often 3-5 Euros for an amazing warm meal. For Avantgarde, this is a very small investment, with great return in terms of employee motivation!