Frequently Asked Questions

Daily lunch

How is the food presented?

We serve our food in a 100% recyclable bamboo-packaging. During the delivery, we maintain temperature levels thanks to our designed B&B boxes.

Do we need plates to eat?

You only need cutlery to eat your Daily Lunch.

Can I order more than one dish per order?

Sure, you can order how many dishes you prefer and add them to your cart.

Can I order a dish from last week's Menu?

Unfortunately it is only possible to choose among the five dishes displayed on the current Menu. Our kitchen focuses on delivering a seasonal and high-quality offer every week.

Can I order a bigger portion?

If you feel more hungry than usual, just select the "supersize" version (30% more of the standard portion) of the dish in the pop-up. Additional 3,00 euro are going to be charged.

How do I know which order is mine when it is delivered?

Every package is labelled with the type of the dish. Grab one among those with the correct label.

What does the menu include?

Weekly Menu includes a choice of five different main courses, additional fresh salad and cake of the day.

How many grams are the portions?

Portions can vary from 350g to 450g each.

Is there a contract between the company and Bella&Bona, or is it just a pay-as-you-use service?

After the company agreed to have Bella&Bona services delivered, employees can create their own account and start ordering on the website. Payment occurs every time an order is placed by the employee.

What kind of marketing materials can you provide in order to promote Bella&Bona service within the company?

Bella&Bona can provide the company's Office Manager with all kind of material presenting the Service and the Menu, which can be shared among employees. Also, we can provide referral programs, roll-ups and posters to be positioned in strategic areas of the building, displaying day and time of the service.

What if we do not have a compostable bin at the company to collect monouse packages?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with compostable bins. As all our monouse packages are 100% recyclable, they can be thrown away as any other paper waste.


How can I get a customized catering offer?

If you do not find what you need among our standardized packages, have a look at the section Customize Your Menu. Please refer to our direct support office for any question you may have.

Do we have to set up the food ourselves?

You can add Set up and Dismantling to the services requested for your event. This wil imply an additional cost in the total cart.

How much space do we need for the catering?

It depends on the type and dimensions of the event. Please contact us for this kind of queries, a site-insepction can be eventually scheduled.

Do you need access to water/electricity?

We normally do not need access to electricity, whereas access to water is always a plus. Please refer to our direct assistance office if you have specific requirements regarding this.

What’s the electric consumption of the chafing dish? How many can we plug into our plugs?

1,2 kW, You should plug a maximum of 3 Chafing Dishes per electric circuit

Do you provide equipment, such as cutlery, glasses, tables, and so on?

For the organization of your event we can provide you with any kind of basic equipment that could be useful. You will be able to choose any equipment in the first step of the Catering order.

How long does the set up take?

It depends of the size of the event. We normally consider a average time range of 2 hours for the set up.

How long before can I adjust the number of people or the menu?

You can adjust the number of guests up to two weeks from the date of your catering event.

What’s the minimum amount to order a Catering?

The minimum amount for ordering a Catering with us is 300 euro.


I think B&B is an interesting concept, how can I get my company to start using your services?

We're glad to hear that! We would love to send you more information about our services and understand how can we match your needs. Please fill this form with your information so we can go back to you.

Is there a feedback form for complaints and improvements?

Sure! You can find it here:

Which package do you use?

At Bella&Bona we only use 100% compostable bamboo packages.

How is the food transported? Does it maintain the heat?

Dishes are transported and delivered in thermo boxes that prevent any heat to be released.

Where do you get your products from?

Bella & Bona is a BIO certified caterer - we have several different suppliers from local to prime-ultimately qualiy ones. We try to keep our products as locally sources as possible and we never stop to identify our best suppliers. Feel free to refer one by emailing at