Sono motors

SonoMotors aspires to be the most climate-friendly, resource conserving and fairest manufacture of automobiles and individual mobility worldwide

As such, they only partner with suppliers that can offer solutions consistent to their values, from car parts to daily lunch in the office. Partnering with Bella & Bona solved the huge problem of finding organic, high-quality, vegan dishes delivered conveniently to the office!
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Cloud canteen: combining high-quality food, affordability and convenience

"Since we decided to choose Bella Bona as our office caterer, we are extremely satisfied with the high quality of their organic and vegan food delivery" says Stephanie from Sono Motors. For us, the catering service of Bella Bona is the perfect alternative to an in-house canteen in order to provide a warm and healthy meal for everyone. Therefore our employees can save packaging-waste and time, which can instead be used to socialize with the team during lunch. In addition, the employees really like that they can choose between three different meals (one gluten free) plus they get a big side salad on top. Also, the easiness of the ordering process via a digital survey and the fact, that the total cost for the orderd meals is deducted directly from the salary, makes the offer even more attractive. Since all those points fit perfectly to our culture and company vision, Bella & Bona is the perfect match for Sono Motors.