Why does your company need an healthy food program at work?

Recruiting and Retention

Job candidates expect good food at work, now more than ever. When looking at the best places to work, food programs always show up.


An onsite meal program lets people make the most of their time. 67% of  employees are happier when they have food at work.

Engagenment and Culture

When companies promote a food program, teams get in the habit of eating together. That will make the company more profitable of the 22%

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is a priority in today's culture. By providing access to high quality, fresh meals, your company meets that growing demand.

Why Bella&Bona?

Bella&Bona is in the business of making lunch at work something that employees can look forward to every day. What makes us stand out the most? Our focus on:

That's why we thousands of employees from the following companies choose us as their main provider.

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